Expert Advisory Panel

The Expert Advisory Panel  provides thought-leadership to support the Centre’s goals. Panel members represent global and diverse stakeholder groups and provide invaluable guidance and expertise across a range of strategic, technical and governance challenges and opportunities.

Ivan Arreguín-Toft

Assistant Professor of International Relations, Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University

Angela Sasse

Professor of Human-Centred Technology, Department of Computer Science, UCL

Kerry-Ann Barrett

Cyber Security Policy Specialist, Cyber Security Program, Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE)

Heli Tiimaa-Klaar

Director of Digital Society Institute, ESMT Berlin

Gary Blair

CEO, Australian Cyber Security Research Institute

Grant Blank

Survey Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Greame Stewart

Sales Director Public Sector, Fortinet

Alan Mears

Complex Program Manager at Lockheed Martin

Roger Bradbury

Coordinator, National Security Research, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU

David A. Bray

Executive Director, People-Centered Internet Coalition

Ian Brown

Expert Panel Member of the Cyber Security Centre, University of Oxford

Bruno Brunskill

Cyber Security Professional, Brunskill Security Consulting

Georgios Chatzichristos

Officer in NIS, European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA)

Belisario Contreras

Cybersecurity Capacity Expert

Luc Dandurand

Head of Cyber Operations, Guardtime

Chris Demchak

M. Grace Hopper Professor of Cybersecurity, coDir, Ctr for Cyber Conflict Studies United States Naval War College

Professor Chris Mitchel

Professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Royal Holloway London

Tobias Feakin

Australian Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology, Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, International Security Division

Jason Ferdinand

Founder, ISKM Ltd

Andrew Fitzmaurice

CEO, Templar Executives

Marco Gercke

Director of the Cybercrime Research Institute, Cologne

Chris Hankin

Director, Institute for Security Science and Technology, Imperial College London

Robert Hayes

Cybersecurity Consultancy, Scottish Policy Authority

Paul Hopkins

Technology Security, CGI

Peter Kahiigi


Chief Technology Officer, Cente Tech

Gail Kent

Global Policy Department, Facebook

Douwe Korff

Emeritus professor, London Metropolitan University

Vashti Maharaj

Adviser, Digital Trade Policy for the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda, The Commonwealth Secretariat

John Mallery

Research Scientist, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Aaron K. Martin

Vice President for Global Technology, JPMorgan Chase

Alan Mears

Complex Programme Manager, Lockheed Martin

Joseph Nye

Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

David Omand

Professor, Department of War Studies, King’s College London

Wolter Pieters

Associate Professor Work, Organisations & Digital Technology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Radboud University

Steve Purser

Network and Information Security Expert, ENISA

Tristram Riley-Smith

Associate Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge

Sandra Sargent

Senior Operations Officer, Transport and ICT Global Practice, World Bank

Mike Steinmetz

Director, Digital Risk & Security, Strategy and Planning, National Grid

Eliana Stavrou

Course Leader, MSc Cybersecurity, University of Central Lancashire Cyprus

Ian Walden

Professor of Information and Communications Law, Queen Mary, University of London

Alex Ward

Infosec Solution Specialist, Oracle Corporation

Graham Wright

Chief Information Security Officer & Head of Digital Risk, National Grid