CMM 2021 Edition


The Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for Nations (CMM) helps nations understand what works, what does not work and why, across all areas of cybersecurity capacity. This is important so that governments and enterprises can adopt policies and make investments that have the potential to significantly enhance safety and security in cyberspace, while also respecting human rights, such as privacy and freedom of expression.

Prompted by the changing threat landscape and corresponding cybersecurity practice, the GCSCC has led a revision of the CMM, the first to be carried out since the 2016 edition was issued. To produce this 2021 edition, the Capacity Centre undertook a global collaborative exercise aimed at extracting and synthesising the community’s latest knowledge. The GCSCC developed change proposals based on lessons learned from CMM deployments, and undertook a series of online and offline consultations with experts, to validate the findings and discuss the changes. Those who were consulted included the GCSCC Expert Advisory Panel, strategic, regional and implementation partners of the GCSCC, and other experts from academia, international and regional organisations, governments, the private sector, and civil society. Based on their input, indicators for each Aspect have been identified, designed, refined, and validated.

Actors around the world, ranging from individuals to nation states, need to ensure that cyberspace and the systems dependent on it are resilient to increasing attacks. The CMM 2021 Edition and its deployment will continue to contribute towards efforts to achieve this resilience, not only by gaining a more profound understanding of international cybersecurity capacity, but also by increasing effective investment into cybersecurity capacity based on a rigorous analysis of data collected from the deployment of the model. Critical gaps in all areas of international cybersecurity will be identified and filled with scalable and effective countermeasures, in co-operation with international partners from the global cybersecurity community. 


Download the CMM 2021 Edition  English version here.

Download the CMM 2021 Edittion French version here.


You can also find an older versrion of the CMM(2016 Edition) on this link.


Download the English version here.

Download the French version here.